About the Photographer:
Tell a kid with an imagination like mine that he can freeze time using a camera and then release him into the world with his newfound "powers".  I was 10 and was getting relocated by my family from neighborhoods nearly every year.  The ability to pause anything in its path, preserved forever, had me in awe.  Call it, "adapting" to one's circumstances.  As I got older, I learned how important those incredibly fleeting moments in our lives can be when captured.  It was upon this unfolding realization that my love for photography has been built upon.

In headshot and editorial shoots, actors have infinite variations of themselves to relay. Finding that frame of greatest story telling can be difficult but acting is about thoughts, life, engagement.  My shutter doesn't move until that happens.  On film, you have 24-30 fps to relay that but a portrait should capture that essence in just one shot.  

Whether it's the Golden Gate bridge, a spider monkey, a granite rock or Barack Obama, the moods of a subject in a moment in time are constantly in flux.  I aim to step in where words fail to describe a subject's unique nature and preserve it for others to not only see but also feel from.  That's what I look to find in you or anything else when I shoot.

// Never stop creating //

Based in Los Angeles.

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